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Connor Paul


Working in the real estate world is second nature to Connor Paul. Connor spent a great deal of time at title companies, open houses, banks and rental properties while growing up. Over and over again people would come to his father and tell him they were told they could not buy a home, could not sell a home or that a deal could not be executed for some reason.  And over and over again his father found a way to help them succeed.  Because of this, Connor decided to pursue a career in real estate. He now works alongside his father on the Chris Paul Team. Real Estate has continuous road blocks that take experience, passion and drive to overcome.  To Connor, the challenges are exciting. He is also no stranger to team work. In addition to working with the Chris Paul Team, Connor plays rugby for Arizona State University while on Academic Scholarship at the W.P. Carey School of Business.


‘As a child my father would ask me:  ‘Why do we help people?’  I am drawn to the real estate business to help people with one of the largest financial transactions they will have in their lives.   Why?  Because we can!’  -Connor Paul 2015